• Echo Waves: You can follow up another attack with this move, which generates an Echo Note on your Staff.

  • Echo Bubbles: Play a song using an Echo Note, and you will generate an Echo Bubble on the ground under you. Touching the Echo Bubble gives a unique song effect. Also, depending on the number of songs you played before Encoring, you can either generate another Echo Bubble with the same effect, or a better one, by performing an Encore.

  • Example of an Echo Song: Self-Improvement [Speed] & Evasion Up

  • A song using an Echo Note. A player touching the bubble gains increased evasion invulnerability for a time period, and if they are using a Hunting Horn, they also gain increased movement speed.


  • Clutch Attacks after Charge Attacks: After an upswing or superpound, you can perform a clutch claw attack. You will cling to the monster if you successfully land it.

  • Slinger Burst: You can fire slinger bursts while charging, without losing your charge. Weave slinger bursts into your charges to minimize damage downtime.


  • Evasion Slinger Burst: After a Double Slash attack, you can perform an evasive slinger burst. Aim to cause a flinch, then continue attacking after the evasion.

  • Unique Clutch Claw Attack: A unique attack that can be performed after the second spinning attack in Demon Mode. If you hit a monster, you will cling to it, and perform a rising spin slash with an additional input.

  • Rising Spin Slash: A technique derived from your clutch claw attack while Demonized. It has the same properties as a Clutch Attack, and will cause wound damage and drop slinger ammo.


  • Just Rush: A move that can easily apply status. Keep hitting attacks with exact timing to increase both your physical and elemental/status attack and do tons of damage.

  • Clutch Claw Upper: With your weapon drawn, attack after evading to perform an anti-air attack with your clutch claw. Hit, and you will cling to the monster.

  • Normal Shot / Slinger Burst Switch: Same as with normal shots, the Sword and Shield can fire Slinger Bursts at any time while your weapon is drawn. In the slinger firing stance, your regular Slinger Shots become Slinger Bursts. Sheathing your weapon switches back to Slinger Shots.


  • Special Sheathe: You can sheathe your weapon after performing an attack, from which you can perform a Iai Quickdraw Slash, or Iai Quickdraw Spirit Slash.

  • Iai Quickdraw Slash: Landing this move grants automatic spirit gauge refill over time. If you time the attack according with an enemy's attack, the duration of the automatic spirit gain will increase, and the attack cannot be interrupted.

  • Iai Quickdraw Spirit Slash: A powerful attack that drops your spirit gauge by 1 level. If timed in accordance with an enemy's attack, you do not lose a spirit level, and cannot be interrupted during the attack.

  • Power Shot: You can fire a boosted slinger shot after a spirit slash. Aim to flinch monsters to continue your spirit combo.


  • True Charged Slash (Power Blow): If you land the first hit of the TCS on a weak spot, the second hit becomes more powerful.

  • Power Shot: You can deliver a boosted slinger shot after an attack. From this, you can follow up into a True Charged Slash or Jumping Wide Slash.

General Actions - Clutch Claw:

  • Clutch Attacks by GS, Hammer, HH, Lance, SA, CB, HBG: You can easily wound monsters, creating more chances to do high damage.

  • Clutch Attacks by SnS, DB, LS, GL, IG, Bow, LBG: You can get guaranteed slinger ammo drops. You will also wound monsters, though only slightly.

  • During a Clutch attack, you can strike the monster's head to make it change direction. It's useful if you want to send a monster in a specific direction, but it also has the effect of making the monster easier to wound. This will not work on enraged monsters.

  • Slinger Burst: While Clutched to the head, you can blast your whole supply of slinger ammo in the monster's face and send it barreling in the direction it's currently facing. If the monster collides with a wall, it will fall and take damage on a specific body part. If that body part is wounded, it will take additional damage. This will also not work on enraged monsters.

  • Wounded body parts are "softened", having higher hitzone values.